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Buffalo has found itself in decline ever since the opening of the Welland Canal.
That is…until the past few years…

Buffalo’s Story
At the beginning of the 20th century, Buffalo was booming. It was the 8th largest city in the U.S. and it played a major role in helping to form this country. Its influence ranged from being a major rail  transportation hub, to the home of the steel manufacturing giant Bethlehem Steel along with its financial influences brought about through finance giant William G. Fargo (Founder of Wells Fargo and American Express) Much of Buffalo’s  architecture was created by greats like Frank Lloyd Wright. Its park system was designed by world-renowned designer Fredrick Law Olmstead. Through the influence of all of these landmarks, industry leaders, and many many others, Buffalo formed the foundation of what could be a bench-mark for every great American city. However, as we also know, this trend did not continue and Buffalo has found itself in decline ever since the opening of the Welland Canal.

What’s initiating the “New Buffalo”
Its hard to pin-point the exact time when the change began to occur, but anyone that is from Buffalo, or has even visited here recently can not only see, but FEEL the change. With creation of Canal Side, the Medical Campus, Harbor Center, and the recent commitment of the new owners to keep the Bills in Buffalo, this all points Buffalo in a positive direction. A main part of this resurgence, has been the restoration of many of the great buildings and architecture that has been laying dormant for so many years…and we are helping to lead the charge with polished concrete floors and concrete counter tops.

We are doing our part to help push this recent revival, by taking many of the existing floors in the old, historic Buffalo buildings, and repolishing them…and our great city…back to the state (and in many cases better than) they were in before!

Concrete Innovations initiative to Repolish Buffalo
This is the first in our series of videos and presentations, diving deeper into the projects we are undertaking, and the effort we are making to help show the world, that Buffalo, NY is truly experiencing a “Renaissance”. For this video, we talk about our work at Larkin Center of Commerce, formerly home to the Larkin Company, built in 1906. We explain some hurdles we had to overcome, as well as interview the new building owner James Cornell. After watching this video, be sure to check out our blog at and follow us on your favorite social media platforms through #repolishbuffalo

Co-owner of Concrete Innovations selected as one of most influential in concrete industry

Charlie wanted to ensure that polished concrete was a sustainable, thriving industry for many years to come. He knew that the way to accomplish this would be through industry organization and education.

Polished concrete has evolved from an industrial floor treatment into a true challenge to tile and vinyl flooring. Leading the charge have been Charlie Griffasi and Mike Sawick with the ICPSC held over four days for the past 4 years and growing to over 300 attendees in 2012.

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Polished concrete floor at Jamison Business Park

Polished concrete is a treatment for your new or existing concrete

Similar to the thought behind using a treatment for the wood on your back porch, polished concrete is a treatment that provides increased strength and durability, with the option to make it stain resistant, however, the process (and final product) isn’t accomplished by simply painting on a layer of protection…its actually the opposite.

Diamonds, Dust-less, and Dyes

We start out by removing the top layer. We accomplish this using a series of diamonds (synthetic…not the ones you pick out at Jared’s) that grind the concrete. During the process we add eco-friendly products that increase the life, while reducing the dusting, of your concrete Have you ever seen concrete that is crumbling and falling apart on the surface? How about little (or BIG) pitting throughout your concrete floor? Well there is a good chance we can stop that problem before it starts. We also have the ability to make your concrete stain resistant. Depending on your particular project, we do our process wet and dry, but no matter what, this is a dust-less process. You can also add colors to your concrete by choosing from our wide selection of dyes and acid stains, You can select multiple colors and we can create patterns or logos.

Logos and designs in Polished Concrete

I can go on and on about the customization options, but we will leave that for its own post. Once the desired customization is complete, we then use a different series of diamonds that are designed to polish the concrete. REMINDER – we can provide all the benefits with a low-sheen/matte finish if so desired.

How it can be used

Concrete is actually the 2nd most consumed product…next to water…on the planet! In other words…Concrete is everywhere! It’s in your garage where you park your car every night. It’s underneath all the boxes and clutter in your basement. Chances are you walk on it all day at the office (its underneath that carpet or tile) and your kids are learning on it all day at school. Concrete makes up the floor at your local restaurant, at your favorite clothing store, and even used in your gym (that you may or may not go to on a regular basis :) The list of applications is endless, so really, there is no shortage of instances where we can that we can transform and customize to provide all of the benefits that you see listed below.

Broad overview of Benefits

  • Low-maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Stain resistant
  • Reduce Allergens
  • Customizable
  • Lower electric bill
  • Reduced glare
  • Green/eco-friendly
  • Uses existing concrete

Interested in learning more?

Do you have a project, or even just an idea, that you’re considering? We have over 35 years of experience working with concrete. Charlie Griffasi, co-owner of Concrete Innovations, was even named to the Top 5 Most Influential in the concrete industry by one of the largest B2B media companies in the US! No matter which options you select our craftsman at Concrete Innovations can take your new or existing piece of concrete and transform it into a eco-friendly, cost-effective, and customizable solution that best fits your needs.

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